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Fuel Advances

Fuel Advances: What It Is, Why You Want It and How It’s Done 

You have a great a new shipper lined up, the load sheet’s in your hand and you’re ready to hit the road and haul that load like a champ. This could be the perfect addition to your customer base, and the load’s come from your favorite broker. But with all the excitement of a new opportunity, you still have to factor in the crucial cost of fuel, one very expensive and important resource you’ll always need as a trucker. Staying profitable as a trucking company with the cost of fuel is a challenge for many owner-operators, especially small businesses that are in their initial growth and developmental stages.

If you’re ready to see your business grow, but pressed for cash with a limited budget for fuel, say no more, because we’re here to help with our fuel card for trucking companies. The FFS Fuel Advance Program is designed for owner-operators and truckers like you that are ready to pick up their next load but are strapped for cash, or simply challenged with fuel costs. Passing up this great new customer is just not an option, but the cost of fuel’s got you down and out. Well, snap out of it, get back up on those feet, and get back to the wheel with a smile. We’ll ensure a fuel advance is funded to your FFS fuel card or bank account within 1 hour of your invoice submission and verification.

Follow these 3 easy steps, anytime, anywhere
Submit Paperwork

Send us your rate confirmation and pickup BOL via fax or email

Verification of Details

Get Verified Fast by our Team of Experts

Get Funded and on the Road

Get your fuel advance transferred to your FFS fuel card or EFS Money Code within 60 minutes

Yes, it’s really that simple. 
  Got a long drive ahead and it’s the middle of the night? No problem. We’ve got your fuel advance needs covered 24/7.  The team at FFS is here to help your trucking company operations run smoothly with all the financial support, services and savings we can offer as a top freight factoring company. Want to learn more about the outstanding client discount program and various benefits our truckers enjoy daily? Download our detailed PDF now that offers a full breakdown of our extensive savings benefits, including:
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance Fees
  • Technology
  • Tires and parts
  • Back Office Solutions
  • Insurance
  • Legal Services
  • Accommodations and Hotels

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