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How to Choose a Freight Factoring Company

From Managing Cash Flow to Finding Loads…

Contracts and Commitments That You Can Stick To: None!

If you’re looking for a freight factoring provider, you’re probably tired of all the bureaucracy and hurdles with payment from customers. Why take on more paperwork and commitments, when you can get paid easily by just submitting your invoice with a few simple steps, no contracts or long-term commitments required. With FFS, getting paid truly means freedom from any heavy or unnecessary contracts. You want your money, and we want to help with a simple and straightforward factoring process, one invoice at a time.

Speed and Simplicity

If you wanted to deal with all the headaches and hassles of tedious turnaround times and endless paperwork, wouldn’t you just wait out the payment period for your load? Forget all that and step into the future of freight factoring for your trucking company with our ability to provide funds to you as fast as the same day. If you want speed, efficiency and quick fundings, the top factoring companies will meet your demand, and we do it with a smile. Regardless of your credit rating, we can help you out and get you the funds you need, fast.

No Fees – Factor that One out and Fast!

Yes, you want your money, but do you want to pay fees to get it up front, on top of all the out of pocket expenses you have? Of course not, and we understand the importance of you keeping every penny you’ve earned. FFS ensures that you are taken care from invoice to payment without any daily batch or funding fees. What you’re quoted is what you get and we make sure you’re taken care of every step of the way.

Flexibility – Since You’re the One at the Wheel

We’ve got our hats off to you – long drives, heavy loads, long hours and sometimes longer weeks that will keep you working 7 days, there’s no question trucking is hard work. For those weeks when the wheels just keep on turning, we’ve got you covered the entire 7 days, so any time you need us, we’re here to make your load a little lighter and the cash flow as convenient and accessible as possible with invoice factoring options for trucking companies.

Written Commitment: We’re Talking About Money Here

No matter what a representative says to you on the phone, the best freight factoring companies for trucking will always back up their word with all of their commitments in writing. Your hard earned money matters most and when you’ve got a great quote in hands, make sure it comes with full support of everything you’re promised, signed and dated.

Benefits: Fuel Cards, Advances and Back Office Management

Top factoring companies for trucking will look out for your needs from start to finish, which means more than just getting your invoice factoring funds to you as fast possible. As industry experts and a company that prides itself in providing A to Z in freight factoring services, we also offer fuel discount cards with, accepted at over 10,000 locations, powered with vehicle reporting and Smartphone app. So any time you fill up, using your discount card and advance benefits is all yours to enjoy for no additional fee, and funding cards is easy 24/7.

Want to focus on what matters? Forget about all of the tedious paperwork behind your operation, because with a simple quote, we can offer you back office solutions to manage customer credit checks, invoicing, receiving and posting payments and much more. At FFS, your funds and efficient operations come first.

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